Strategic Vision


In its Strategic Vision, the IPRP Management Committee articulates a vision for the work to be completed by IPRP and guides the collective efforts of its regulatory Members and Observers.


The IPRP is the global forum of regulatory authorities and regulatory organisations at the operational level for issues related to the regulation of pharmaceuticals for human use. IPRP offers tangible benefits for its members and observers and is committed to promoting information sharing and collaboration to advance public health, facilitate access to medicines and address emerging regulatory challenges of mutual interest.


The IPRP promotes regulatory convergence by means of practical and operational information exchange which fosters trust and a mutual understanding of the range of challenges and contexts facing each regulatory authority. This is done in order to enhance the health of our populations by the most efficient means possible. This is achieved by:

  • Creating a trusting environment for regulators to exchange information on issues of mutual concern,
  • Working closely with other international organisations to further extend the benefits of international regulatory collaboration,
  • Providing effective support for our common activities,
  • Regularly communicating our respective activities and sharing our lessons learned, and
  • Encouraging engagement and consultation with our regulatory stakeholders when appropriate.


The IPRP Strategic Vision further presents IPRP’s strategic priorities and articulates how IPRP will work to progress in each area and is available for download.


A focus topic of the IPRP MC meetings is reliance, the act by which one regulatory authority takes into account the work performed by another regulatory authority or other trusted institution in reaching its own decision. The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted in 2019 a survey among IPRP parties on their experiences, challenges, perceived benefits and opportunities for reliance. The outcome of this survey is now available for download.


In addition, the Questions and Answers document on key aspects for reliance was developed. The document gives responses to frequently asked questions on points to consider for the implementation of reliance such as: what is reliance, why it is important for regulatory oversight of medical products, main principles and different existing models of reliance, the risk-based approach, identified barriers and enablers, etc. Reliance is one of the IPRP's focus topics and is strongly supported by IPRP Members. The document is available for download.

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