Common ASMF/DMF Submission Form


Common ASMF/DMF Submission Form (version 1.3, finalised March 2016)

The ability of IPRP members to identify common ASMF/DMFs is a key focus of the IPRP ASMF/DMF Working Group. Such identification would be facilitated if a common set of ASMF/DMF characteristics can be compared. Since key ASMF/DMF information is typically recorded by IPRP members at the time of submission, ASMF/DMF Working Group members have worked to provide guidance on the type of information that should be recorded as part of an ASMF/DMF submission.


The resulting guidance is captured in the model Common ASMF/DMF Submission form.


The use of this form, in whole or in part, by IPRP members is not mandatory. Each IPRP member works within their own specific regulatory setting and some or all aspects of a document may, for a variety of reasons, not be applicable. Equally, a given IPRP member may for practical reasons choose to revise the format or written language of a model document.


The following word version is provided as supplemental to the PDF version above.  Non-IPRP member regulators may implement these documents within their own responsibility. IPRP is not responsible for any contents of these documents implemented by non-IPRP member authorities.

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